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    Factions, land claiming and griefers.


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    Factions, land claiming and griefers. Empty Factions, land claiming and griefers.

    Post  little_m3 on Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:28 am

    well, on old server and recently here, griefers have yet again found a way to grief faction land. which is protected or so it seems.

    due to curiosity, i read about the plugin.

    /f who shows faction information. land/power/max power

    land is amount of land claimed.
    power is current total of members
    max power is member count*10

    when can YOUR land be claimed?
    any time when land value is higher than power.

    what affects power?

    power ranges per player basis, from -10 to 10
    it raises by 1 for each 5 minutes ONLINE (so staying offline doesn't matter)
    it lowers by 1 for each 24 hours OFFLINE (so log in daily, even if for a minute)
    it lowers by 2 EACH time you die. (or so plugin infor says. i think it's really 4)

    what makes this serious? lets take real server example of... Termite
    so, 71 chunks of land. power of 38 so anyone griefing, can go and claim ANY piece of their land. break it, unclaim it (and thus freeing up their own power) and repeating on next plot.
    until power=land, so 33 chunks griefable. O.o i can say that nothing, virtually nothing they've made is safe.

    yes, they'll ban griefers, no denying that... but wouldn't it be better if your house was never griefed in first place? hmm?

    so, pay attention.. don't die. it isn't a joking matter.

    how can you see other factions power/land values?

    use /f who <faction name>

    how can you see certain players power? to see who in faction is lowering the number (by up to 20)

    use /f pow <player name>

    that is all. for now.

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    Factions, land claiming and griefers. Empty Re: Factions, land claiming and griefers.

    Post  ArchmageChip on Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:18 am

    And if you're offline for ten days, you're kicked. At least thatt's the default value.

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