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    building protections


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    building protections Empty building protections

    Post  little_m3 on Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:03 am

    okay.. this is a matter close to my heart. or rather.. bed.

    after having so far lost 4 beds, over 80 blocks of wheat fields and other random junk to bypassing griefers... i have to ask: what are current means to protect what you have?

    current set:
    /lwc allows locking of chests and doors and furnaces.

    doesn't allow locking of workbench and bed.

    /f claim, if in faction.
    this works. especially if other faction land claiming has been disabled.

    it's downside? unless you know and trust someone fully, like 100% and bit on top... you run into following problem quite soon.
    each member gives 10 power max to faction. that means that at most you can claim 10 chunks (16x16 blocks) of land/person.

    sounds like much, right? well... it would be if... borders of claimed land wouldn't follow chunk lines. namely, almost anything you build, will be partially outside the chunk. unless you do complete terraforming in the landscape, moving mountains and rivers.

    so.. to protect small camp and nearby wheat field you need... 3 chunks. (and still missing bed)
    to protect my small oasis camp and oasis itself. (yes, i'm scared people will break it) you need 4. (sorry, made on natural water pool in desert. so 4 chunks is what it needs.

    now.. in theory, i have 3 left. will it be enough for my sand temple? i think.. not. especially since currently it's made of sandstone and it's a bit... big. 1300 crafted sandstones (yes, so 5200 sand) and 1670 or so mined sandstones. (yep, desert has a few... holes now)
    so.. almost 3000 blocks. it wont fit in 3 chunks. it wont fit in 10.

    and yes, all is 100% legal and totally on own power. no gifts, no outside help, no donator benefit packages, all is done with stone/iron tools. (yes, i have diamonds and no, i don't want to use them. they feel like cheating)

    so far, i've kept track of griefing and things lost with screenshots. i just fear the day someone decides to do more than break a few blocks on the temple. pale

    so.. are there any other.. better plans?

    besides recruit random people to get more power, claim land and then kick them? (power can be in negatives that way, it just stops further land claims until power>land)

    or let them stay but force them to lack protection land claiming would give *them*

    so.. works for small towns and villages. not for anything bigger or more spread out.

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