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    DawnCraft Server Update 6th March 2012


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    DawnCraft Server Update 6th March 2012 Empty DawnCraft Server Update 6th March 2012

    Post  Fubzey on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:57 am


    Hello DawnCrafters
    I happy to announce That the server will Not Be going Down Again.. I had to Restart the server due to it been hacked or what ever happend, i tryed my hardest to get our hard work back on tack.. Im sad to let that server go As Some players on here put more work into it Then Myself. But im happy to say this will not happen Again.

    I keep getting questions saying? like what happend? to tell you the Truth i thinks its my Advertising. As you may know im an Ex Runescape Youtuber Hitting 2827 subs with a Machinima Partner, i advertised my server Alot there, as you may know having Fame, Brings you haters or People that are jelly. so i advertised my channel some times, so im Guessing Someone saw my server was like lets distroy it.

    New server..
    Its new but it isnt, we have same ip port and everything but we had Restart, im aiming to get much Bigger Spawn, and Shops completed fully, ive Coded Plugins to Fit Our Server Nicely. Tree Leafs now Remove Automaticly, and Farmin works, ive ADDED LWC to protect all chests and doors without Signs. i added MMO and Factions like you guys enjoyed in our other server.

    Mods. People keep saying.. how do i become Mod. This really really really annoys me, becoming a Mod is Simple but takes its time heres a small Guide CHECK IT: http://www.dawn-craft.org/t9-moderator-training-guide <--- this will be Updated Today.

    forum Staff: as you know im really the only one on forums that Has Powers.. Imjak also. I will be lookin for forum Staff, people that can Solve Problems Ect.

    As you may know i Was away On holiday one week, and Recieveing 0 Donations This is Awful.. We need donations guys to keep this game Alive


    Owner Fubzey
    DawnCraft Support.

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    DawnCraft Server Update 6th March 2012 Empty Re: DawnCraft Server Update 6th March 2012

    Post  ImJak on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:48 am

    Good, I hope you get thanked for this ingame or in the chatbox.

    Don't think people realise who much work and money you put into the server XD + I've been on the server and all you get is people asking stupid questions...

    DawnCraft Server Update 6th March 2012 CNOCU

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