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    Server up and running and the problem we had


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    Server up and running and the problem we had Empty Server up and running and the problem we had

    Post  Fubzey on Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:50 pm

    Hello DawnCrafters (DC)

    As you may know i wen't on holiday for 1 week to Lanzarote (small island next to Africa) and been told that server has been going offline alot.
    So i paid around a total of 10£ in the week on the computer that was 1000 years old Suspect to try a fix problem but couldnt do it. all i could do was
    Restart.. Update.. Install. Off Or on.

    Anyways cut long story short.

    I came home 3am this morning and tryed find the problem, i restarted.. i updated and reinstalled i then Contacted Beastnode (people keep our server up) and they said we have been underattack by 100s of Proxy Bots. This Means 100s Of Fake (people) tryed joinin the server Leaving it to crash.. i really dont know how spawn got Trashed but im guessing as its the Old Map from Our old Owner Skylar.. Im guessing he may of had Access in some kind of way.. but i still believe a really good hacker is jelly of me..


    I had to start server Fresh Completey new.. so me and England (the Tall skinny boy) found small flatish area for Spawn.. I made all the little things the last server didnt have for example.. leaf declay. Farming Is better Ect..

    The last server files will be uploaded to uppit and people that loved it that much can download and use for Future Use.

    As you may know everyone worked so hard on Dc, and im upset to not reward them.. in some kind of way.. im also Dissapointed how everyplayer almost had 1 stack of diamonds or atleast 20 and all tools.. On single player it takes me Weeks To find a nice stack of diamonds, dieing around 10times on the way.

    Anyways the Rewards Are.
    Everyone who Made account on forums gets these rewards, reason i say forums beacuse all out active members/ old members use forums witch have been populated and im happy for.

    Rewards.... Very Happy
    Everyone will Recieve 1 Diamond
    everyone will recieve 1000 Mc $
    Everyone will recieve 250 woodern planks
    Everyone will Recieve 500 CobbleStone
    Everyone will recieve 50 Tourches
    everyone will Recieve 10 Coal

    Everyone Will Recieve Mob disguise Who made account on forums.. This makes you basicly turn into Animal and Scare firends For example be a greeper or chicken and sneak up. only 93 people can get it around 20 people are Active.

    I did try my best


    Owner Fubzey
    DawnCraft Support.

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    Server up and running and the problem we had Empty Re: Server up and running and the problem we had

    Post  DuBzY on Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:49 am

    Actually I banned Skylar for griefing and killing people.

    Skylar was placing Creeper Eggs everywhere and blowing people up and making them lose their stuff. So I had to ban him. It was a must.

    I removed the quote as it wasn't needed and it took up space :/ -ImJak

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